We're Creating A New Type Of Wellness Community.

YEG Fitness believes that the key to health is found in social wellness.
We know that society impacts our mental, physical & spiritual health. We are a wellness movement and social network; focused on health, inclusiveness, positive thinking and having fun. To create a happier, healthier world, we believe the fitness and wellness industries have the responsibility to promote health on more than just physical and individual levels.

YEGFit Life - The Healthy Fun Club


Ever since sugar-free brownies hit the shelf, there’s been this idea that health and fun can’t coexist. The health and fitness world has been dominated by boring, elitist messaging for too long.

Meanwhile, the idea of fun has been reduced to late nights and shots of bad tequila. The reality is we don’t have to sacrifice our social life to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

At YEGFit Life, we aim to help foster balance both for people living “down the middle” as well as those living on the edge— either edge.

We Believe In Emphasizing Positive Social Interactions.

Emphasizing how we treat each other while cultivating a balance between the mind, body, and soul, can create a happier, healthier human population who, in turn, can change the world. Through our events, magazine, and collaborations, we strive to support social wellness, and foster healthy relationships with ourselves and others. We believe in a fitness for all philosophy and welcome diverse, like-minded individuals with the promise that that movement starts here.


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